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3D Printing Experience

How to remove the resin printed item easily from the SLA Printer?

I have been doing 3D Printing for more than a year. The removing of the finished products from the printing bed is always a dirty job. Recently I found a great items for Resin Printer. This option part can be easily attached to the printing bed of the Resin Printer. It helps a lot after the printing job done. You can take the finished product easily from the printing bed.

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This thin metal plate is attached to the printing bed by magnet. Each time when the printing is complete, you take out the metal plate and do some twisting and bending action. The finished resin product will be easily get off from the plate. This saves a lots of efforts and no need to use small knife to peel the printed item from the printing bed.

This item can be easily found on Search the keyword "平台磁钢膜"

I will continue to share my modelling experience here.



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