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Detroit Pistons • Los Angeles Lakers • LeBron James

chance to potentially tie th Jameshad 10 points and five assists in his second game back in the lineup. AfteTempersflare, LeBron James ejected after strikingsignificantly, Stewart was rJameswas escorted off the floor too, ejected for just the second time in his NBThe mangot eight stitches -- whatever the numberLeBronejected after bloodying Stewart, Lakers beat PistonsDETROIT(AP) — LeBron James was ejected early in the third quarter after drawingDavishad 30season.the game so to me that's enoughpunishment."triple-double.ow when James struck Stewart in the facewhile battling for position. Stewart, wice facilityhis furious response. Both bencheseventually clearedgamquarter.ts in a flash. His most impressivesequence began when he made a steal, fed theWestbrook to rally the Los Angeles Lakersto a 121-116 victory overconfrontedanyone in a road uniform.h an elbow.James was ejected from the game after theplay was reviewed Sunday,o prevent Stewart from instigating abrawl before he wasfinally escorted to thewith 30 points, 10 rebounds, six assists,two key late blocks against Cunninghamthree of those 27-foot makes during hisseven-assistanniversarRussellWestbrook and Anthony Davis led the Lakers' comeback. Westbrook had 15 oGrantled the Pistons with a season-high 36 points. Cunningham had 13and Davis both scored in double figures in the final quarter, leadingYOUMIGHT BE INTERESTED IN...LeBrondraws blood on Stewart’s face in Pistons-Lakers(28)He hadto be restrained numerous times by security personnel, assistant coaches,Theheated commotion occurred just a couple of days after the 17-yeardunks during thatspan and added in his third 3-point makeloody.leaving the court in time maybe and Ithought that's why he got ejected out ofm.ofthedHayescould be out multiple games. The Pistons have a back-to-back against Miami“We’vegot to give his thumb a chance to fully heal,” coach Dwane Casey said.The doctorsrecommended that he miss some time as far as leejoined the rotation.LeBron James (6) after being hit with anelbow.James was ejected from thethe Detroitine rebounds.le.bound. Detroit’s center had to be heldback more than once, keeping him separatehe the victory.108 loss at led toJoseph (18) drives against Los Angeles Lakers forwardThumbsprain sidelines HayesKillianHayes sat out with a left thumb sprain. The second-year guard has beenthird quarter. As Jamesof both teams gathering around thealtercation in an attempt to keep them apart.rt, before Stewart sought to confrontJames once more,charging through officialestrained by personnel for the Pistonsand escorted down the team's tunnel.A career. Lakers guard Russell Westbrookwas assessed aforwardHigh-flyingDiallo lifts second unitHamidouDiallo scored a season high during the first five minutes of the secondPlayingon the second unit for theleaStewartsustained a large cut under his right eye during a Jerami Grant free thrJEFFSEDIEL:Pistons display ultimate teamwork to help feed 800 families atof stitches -- across his foreDetroitPistons fall apart, lose to Lakers after bloodied Isaiah Stewart chasesDanaGauruderSpecial to Detroit Free PressAtechnical after the offihead, and I don't even know if he knewwho hit him, Dwane Casey, the Pistons' heafter LeBronto a blood and guts battle.Little Caesarsmisfired on six 3-point attempts. Thr on the first possession and dunking twominutes later. He finished the quarterAnthony Davis (3) Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021 atface, an incident whis, James' teammate on the Lakers, saidafter the game. "As soon as he did it, hee Pistons forward Jerami Grant took afree throw in thetriple-doubcontact with Stewart’s face when they weretangled up while boxing out for a refallout from it.v. 19, 2004, when the Pistons and Indianahand,hitting him in the head and leaving him bdon't see any ramifications from theleague from that standpoint, except for notloor, exchanged words with thehis perimeter shot going in the first half.

He madGrantcontinued to have the hot hand just before the altercation, making a jumpeDetroitPistons guard Corypolicy’s COVID-19 vaccination policye game, but Hamidou Diallo turned theball over and Davis made free throws to ser missing eight games with an abdominalpoints, 10 rebounds and two big blocked shots late on Pistons 20-yeCunningham,the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, had 13 points, 12 rebounds andJameswas sentstrain, he played Friday night in a 130-Stewart in the face and participating inthe ensuing scuffle.the Detroit Pistons after he struck IsaiahStewart in thelong-timesuperstar and then tried to go after hiNov. 21, 2021 at Little Caesars room.and two steals in the closing seconds.three other layups oruniversityGTAHandcuffedand hauled away: Western student expelled in showdown over university2 daysagoDetroithad the ball with 5.9 seconds left with theIsaiah Stewart in faceVideo isunavailable.LeBronJames was ejected for the second time in his career after hitting IsaiahSportsnetStaffLosAngeles Lakersfirst half.e seventh time was the charm and camejust before Grant’s flurry.with 28 points as the Pistons led, 99-84,entering the fourth quarter.a onand Stewart basically loofrom going after Los Angeles Lakersforward LeBron James (6) after being hit witofficials and players. Cunningham was amongthe playersWednesday. He banged it againagainst Golden State on Friday.tting his thumb heal.”e after the play was reviewed Sunday,Nov. 21, 2021 at Little Caesarspoints, 12Grantgets rolling before halftimeGrantwas fairly quiet most of the first half but erupted in the last 2:18withCunninghamhad everything buta dirty guy, Anthony DaviTheincident began when James and Stewart were lined up next to one another whilStewartfell to the court but quickly got up andejected.bephysically separated from one another.saiah Stewart] was trying to do. Nobodyon our team, 1-15, was having it."Stewart forcefully with his leftBlood running down his face. So Ig in the third quarter on Sunday.ho was sandwiched between DeAndre Jordanand James on the play, got up off the fked to fightmeleeBASKETBALLLeBrondraws blood on Stewart’s face in Pistons-Lakers melee1 hr agoHandcuffedand hauled away: Western student expelled in showdown oversuperstar LeBron James was ejected from Sunday's game againstStewartwas also ejected for his involvement.Everyonein the league knows that [LeBron James] isn’tto the locker room after his left elbow and hand appeared to makeWestbrookwas assessed a technical after the officials reviewed the play and theAllpartiesDavis finishedrebounds and 10 assists.four 3-pointers as the Pistons grabbed a68-61 halftime lead. Cunningham set upe a pair of layups in the first quarterbutcoach, said after the game. "Hewas upset.who tried desperately ty of the infamous Malice at The Palacebetween Indiana and the Pistons.f his 26 points and six of his 10 assistsin the fourth quarter.Arena.ulting in a fracas between the Pistonsand Los Angeles Lakers with 9:18 remainind and lost, 121-116, spoiling CadeCunningham's first careermundane and forgettable start to the Detroit Pistons season suddenly turnedinTheworld’s most famous athlete was tossed out during a wild and tense sceneJames, with membersJamesand Stewart were separated briefly, standing on opposite sides of half couThe twowould not interact again, however. BleedingPacers had a brawl that spilled into tand led 99-84 entering the fourth.a rally that gave the Lakers a win toreach .500 this season.’s COVID-19 vaccinationfought for positioning afterthe shot was released, James swiped ats and players while trying to reach him.cials reviewed the play and the falloutfrom it.adArena.ball to Josh Jackson, then converted alob pass with one hand.

Diallo also madePistons on Sunday night.d from the NBA superstar, and he was alsopractJamesand Stewart were both ejected, James for a flagrant-2 foul and Stewart forCade Cunningham (2) tries to subdue DetroitPistons center Isaiah StewartLittle Caesars Arena.ealing with the injury for awhile andaggravated it during a fall against IndianonTuesday and Milwaukee on Wednesday.t’s still so tender.atSecond-yearcenter Isaiah Stewart took a shot to the face from LeBron James, resMakingmatters worse for the Pistons, they gave away a 17-point, second-halfthird consecutive game, Diallo scored 11 point Diallo finished with 17 points and six rebounds.blood by hitting Isaiah Stewart in the face,leaving Anthony Davis“ICoryJoseph started in his place and Josh Jackson, benched the past two games, rDetroitPistons center Isaiah Stewart (28) goes after Los Angeles Lakersan on-court altercation betweenthe two teams that saw players have tolooked back and told him, ‘My bad. I didn’ttry to do it.’ I don’t know what [Iand Stewartwere relieved that an all-out melee wasn’t witnessed as it was on NoAftercalm was restored on Sunday night, Detroit closed the third quarter strongWestbrookand Russellar-old rookie Cade Cunningham. Westbrookcontributed 26 points, 10 assists and n10 assists to become the youngest playerin franchise history with a


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