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Hangzhou: Give the world a splendid and prosperous new paradise on earth

The city cover of modern Hangzhou (Visual China).

The city cover of modern Hangzhou (Visual China).

The most memorable is Hangzhou, which has turned a new page.

The eyes of the world are once again focused on Hangzhou, the city where China hosted the Asian Games for the third time.

From the G20 Hangzhou Summit to the Asian Games, every leap that Hangzhou has achieved in the center of the world stage is, in the final analysis, the result of the guidance of the goal of "four Hangzhou, four first-class": "Hangzhou should not only be Hangzhou in Zhejiang, Hangzhou in China, but also Hangzhou in Asia and Hangzhou in the world".World-class standards, world-class performance, world-class mind and courage, world-class modern international metropolis".

Under the guidance of the goal of "four Hangzhou, four first-class", the 13th Party Congress of Hangzhou has systematically planned the path to create a new paradise, that is, a new paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship, a new paradise for industrial prosperity, a new paradise for bursting vitality, a new paradise for different kinds of splendor, a new paradise for sharing happiness, a new paradise with unique charm and a new paradise for good law and good governance. Seven new paradises, Hangzhou, with a population of more than 12 million, has achieved a leap in energy levels in different dimensions, and has become a dream city with yearning, brilliant life and emotional belonging, aiming for the new goal of a Chinese-style modern city model.

At present, Hangzhou, which is in progress, is at the critical point of upgrading from a megacity to a megacity, and is striving to show the "governance of China" with the "window of the city". Hangzhou is a new paradise on earth that strives to dedicate to the world and a model of a city that China is moving towards the center of the world stage.

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium - Big Lotus (Visual China).

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium - Big Lotus (Visual China).

Stand on the tipping point

In anchoring the first-class standard, show the head goose responsibility

In China's urban coordinate system, Hangzhou's urban energy level is jumping rapidly.

The completion of the academician house of the Chinese Academy of Sciences clearly felt the upward force of the city. He came to Hangzhou from Beijing and became the chief designer and chief scientist of the national major scientific and technological infrastructure project with extremely weak magnetic field. He was accompanied by 4 interdisciplinary research platforms, 2 industrial innovation centers, and a research, teaching and industrialization team of 1,200 people.

These talents have become part of the thousands of talents pouring into Hangzhou. Over the past 20 years, Hangzhou has become one of the cities with the largest population growth in China. The rapid influx of population means that Hangzhou is no longer the original Hangzhou, but is opening and enthusiastically embracing the "Greater Hangzhou Era". Hangzhou, located in the first megacity in China, has a permanent urban population of more than 10 million people, ushering in a critical point of upgrading from a megacity to a megacity.

The tipping point is not unexpected. Over the past 20 years, under the guidance of the "88 Strategy", Zhejiang has undergone all-round, systematic and deep-seated wonderful changes. As the provincial capital, Hangzhou, in accordance with the entrustment of "building a metropolis and building a new paradise", has made the past 20 years a period with the fastest development speed, the highest development quality, the best development coordination and balance, the most profound social change, and the strongest sense of happiness for the people in its history.

Keywords such as "leap", "improve" and "first" freeze Hangzhou's role as the head goose in anchoring the first-class standard.

It continues to leap in the national urban coordinate system. Hangzhou's ranking among global science and technology innovation clusters has jumped to 14th, its GDP is close to 2 trillion yuan, and it is expected to become the eighth city in the country to enter the "2 trillion yuan club" this year, the number of listed companies will jump to the fourth place in the country, and the general public budget revenue will jump to the fifth place in the country.

The strategic position of the whole province and the whole country is increasing day by day. From January to August this year, Hangzhou's actual utilization of foreign investment hit a record high, reaching US$8.272 billion, a year-on-year increase of 53.13%, and the total actual foreign investment reached 48.74% of the province's total.

The leading advantage in the subdivision field is becoming more and more obvious. Hangzhou's net inflow rate of talents has ranked first in the country for many consecutive years, the number of private enterprises in Hangzhou has been ranked first in the country for 20 consecutive years, the number of private enterprises in Hangzhou has been ranked first in the country for 20 consecutive years, and it has been selected as one of the first batch of pilot cities for business environment innovation in the country

Renderings of the extremely weak magnetic large scientific device

Renderings of the extremely weak magnetic large scientific device (courtesy of Hangzhou Very Weak Magnetic Field Major Science and Technology Infrastructure Research Institute).

In recent years, Hangzhou has always firmly implemented the innovation-driven development strategy and promoted the rapid accumulation of innovative elements such as talents, capital, and technology. In 2022, Hangzhou's Innovation Index entered the top 20 for the first time in the ranking released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, ranking 14th in the world, surpassing London, Los Angeles and other cities

From 0 to 1, there is a high-level innovation platform matrix. Hangzhou has used the city's strength to build a large corridor of science and technology innovation in the west of the city, and laid out a new laboratory system of "national laboratory + national large scientific device + national key laboratory + provincial laboratory". Now it has gathered more than 60% of the national science and technology awards, more than 70% of the national key laboratories, and more than 80% of the national outstanding young and excellent young talents in the province.

From 1 to 100, the ability to transform innovation achievements is stronger. To create the first choice for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Hangzhou is designing from the top level of system thinking: breaking the problem and transforming the "first kilometer", Hangzhou has launched the first batch of 15 municipal proof-of-concept centers, and this year has introduced 422 projects, 180 verification projects, and 82 transformation projects, and smoothed the transformation of the "last mile".Hangzhou has also launched a technology transfer and transformation center and set up a 5 billion yuan fund for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, determined to make the world have no difficult to transform technology.

Behind a series of leaps is Hangzhou's responsibility and consciousness of showing "China's governance" as a "window of the city".

Hangzhou, which is about to be promoted to a megacity, has rich forms and diversified structures, including coastal plains and inland mountainous areas, developed urban areas and relatively underdeveloped villages, both a certain scale of state-owned economy and a vibrant private economy, both a thick cultural heritage and an emerging digital economy, and a large number of old Hangzhou people living in the world as well as new Hangzhou people who are integrated and agglomerated, which has strong typical significance in China's urban system.

If Hangzhou, the head goose, develops well, it will not only have an exemplary and leading effect on the whole province and the whole country, but will also become an important city representative of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics, and will have strong persuasive and dissemination power in the international community. In particular, at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, Hangzhou's achievements in "hosting the Asian Games, building a metropolis, and promoting modernization" will be reviewed by the world, which is of extraordinary significance.

Hangzhou, the paradise on earth, is dedicating a splendid and prosperous new paradise on earth to the world

Hangzhou, the paradise on earth, is dedicating a splendid and prosperous new paradise on earth to the world (Visual China).

Shaping new strengths

Create a logo into a fruit in the thick of planting characteristic advantages

Standing at the critical point, Hangzhou continues to polish the city of innovation and vitality, fully demonstrating the distinctive identity and unique charm of Hangzhou.

The digital economy has grown steadily, the investment structure has been optimized, and the number of new market operators has increased significantlyEach pile is a vivid cross-section of Hangzhou's high-quality development in the first half of this year. Among them, the developed digital economy is a highly recognizable label in Hangzhou.

At present, the added value of the core industries of Hangzhou's digital economy accounts for nearly 30% of the regional GDP, which is significantly higher than the national and provincial averages. In the first half of this year, the added value of for-profit service industries, with information transmission, software and information technology services as the main body, increased by 10.5 percent.

The surging digital momentum stems from Hangzhou's early entry into the runway of the digital economy. Hangzhou is a national independent innovation demonstration zone, a national new-generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone, and a national artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot area. Catalyzed by the city's development strategy, Hangzhou has taken the digital economy as the focus of development, becoming the first city in the country's digital economy, and a number of leading enterprises with competitiveness in the country and even the world have emerged.

From Alibaba, NetEase to Xinhua III, many careful people will find that there is one more Xinhua III among the leading digital economy enterprises that the Hangzhou Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement this year.

On August 18, the Hangzhou Municipal Government and New H3C Group reached a strategic cooperation to jointly develop the headquarters economy. "We will focus on the implementation of the three 'No. 1 projects' and make due contributions to the innovation and quality improvement of Hangzhou's digital economy. Yu Yingtao, chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup and president and CEO of H3C Group, said that if the "No. 1 Development Project" focuses on the implementation of the "No. 1 Development Project" for innovation and quality improvement of the digital economy, the construction of the H3C AIGC (Generative Artificial Intelligence) Innovation Center in Turing Town in Xiaoshan will be used as the starting point to build a new cluster of computing power industry in Hangzhou。

Xinhua III may be the next 100-billion-level "headquarters economy" enterprise in Hangzhou, because this new leading enterprise is closely in line with the direction of Hangzhou's digital second climbing. Hangzhou will promote the innovation and quality improvement of the core industries of the digital economy, and actively build the "five major industrial ecosystems" of intelligent IoT, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new materials, and green energy with the concept of digital integration, so as to reshape the first city of the digital economy in the country at a high level.

Hangzhou Future Factory

Hangzhou Future Factory (courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Binjiang District Party Committee).

Hangzhou, more innovative. With greater courage and determination, the city will promote the strategy of strengthening the city with innovation and talents, so that more than 15% of the city's annual new financial resources will be used for science and technology investment, and the city's financial science and technology expenditure will increase by more than 15% annually, taking the lead in turning to a higher level of innovation-driven development track, and accelerating the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance.

Focusing on the general engine of striving for a comprehensive national science center, Hangzhou has promoted the high-quality integrated development of the science and technology innovation corridor in the west of the city with the strength of the whole city, built a new laboratory system led by the national laboratory, and made every effort to break through a number of key core technologies "from 0 to 1". Focusing on building the first choice for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, we will further implement the "145" action for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, solidly promote the construction of the national science and technology innovation financial reform pilot zone, and set up a "3+N" industrial fund cluster with a scale of more than 300 billion yuan to promote "science and technology - industry". - Finance" virtuous circle, and strive to achieve the total output value of technology transactions and new products exceeding one trillion yuan in the next five years.

Hangzhou is more open. From September 16th to 19th, the 20th China-ASEAN Expo was held in Nanning, Guangxi, and Hangzhou was unveiled as China's "Charming City". In 2022, Hangzhou's exports of goods to ASEAN will be 61.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.7%.In the eye-catching cross-border e-commerce, Hangzhou gathers two-thirds of the country's cross-border e-commerce platforms and 832 cross-border e-commerce enterprises above designated size.

Dancing with the world, Hangzhou realizes the upgrading of the "sweet potato economy": integrating into the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, singing the "Tale of Two Cities" between Hangzhou and Ningbo, and jointly laying out high-level platforms, open innovation element resources, Deeply connect the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to enhance the competitiveness of the Hangzhou metropolitan area, deepen the foreign market, establish the "Hangzhou International Arbitration Center", and promote the country's first digital trade legislation. Hangzhou continues to break through the rules, regulations, management, standards and other institutional opening-up, and enhance the core carrying capacity of the global digital trade center.

Reform is the eternal theme of Hangzhou's development. Not long ago, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the list of the top 500 private enterprises in China in 2023, and 42 enterprises in Hangzhou were on the list, ranking first in the country for 21 consecutive years. Since the beginning of this year, Hangzhou has achieved greater breakthroughs in value-added government services, and 50 measures such as "multiple reports in one" and "one-window service" for public security services have been promoted nationwide.

An important birthplace of Hangzhou's Internet of Things industry

An important birthplace of Hangzhou's Internet of Things industry

Ascend a city

We will build a people's city while promoting common prosperity

Innovate and carry out embedded kindergartens in industrial parks, include age-appropriate transformation service projects in people's livelihood, and accelerate the implementation of kindergarten childcareIn recent years, Hangzhou has become the only happiness demonstration benchmark city in the country.

The green color of the capital of ecological civilization makes the happiness of Hangzhou people bright. The upcoming 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou has the most right to speak, only 12 of the 56 competition venues are newly built, and the concept of green, low-carbon and sustainable development is integrated into the whole process of planning and design, construction and construction, operation management and post-competition utilization of Asian Games venues, and all the electricity used for the event is green electricity. In addition to the venue, the West Lake, Xixi, canal and other comprehensive protection projects continue to deepen, the water quality of the section above the control of Hangzhou is 100% up to the standard, the number of days with good air has increased significantly, the forest coverage rate ranks first in the sub-provincial city, and the new practice of harmonious coexistence between man and nature such as green travel, greenway cycling, and park city constitutes a modern version of the "Fuchun Mountain Residence Map" The picture of happiness.

The vitality of the famous historical and cultural city makes the happiness of Hangzhou people warm and wonderful. In the Southern Song Dynasty Deshou Palace Ruins Museum, the red wall attracts tourists to linger, and the Song Yun culture is different and splendid, integrating into the ordinary life of citizens, and in the Hangzhou National Version Museum, which has been open to the public for a year, it has received a total of 540,000 visitors, becoming a window to understand Chinese cultureAs the first city in the country to propose and implement "all-for-one tourism", Hangzhou has promoted the integration of culture and tourism, accelerated the construction of a world-class tourist destination, and continued to launch a "paradise on earth" in an all-round way The most memorable Hangzhou" brand. In the first half of this year, Hangzhou had 53.533 million tourists and tourism revenue of 91.5 billion yuan, an increase of 64.5% and 65.3% respectively over the same period in 2022.

Create a "window of good governance" with high efficiency, so that the happiness of Hangzhou people can be felt everywhere. In Hangzhou, the neighborhood residents' council, "please come to the consultation", "public commentary", TV politics, "the people call me as".The working mechanism and other grassroots democratic practices have realized grassroots co-construction, co-governance and sharing, so that the urban safety index has maintained a leading position in the country for many years, and grassroots good governance brands such as "Wulin Aunt" and "Peacemaker" have emerged. In Yuhang Xiaogucheng Village, "the affairs of the people are discussed by the people", insisting on the development of grassroots democratic consultation, and enhancing the villagers' sense of identity and pride.

Anchoring the "common prosperity runway", Hangzhou focuses on "running a good meeting and upgrading a city" to meet the diversified needs of the people, and strive to achieve more landmark results in exploring the path of common prosperity and modernizationThe pathfinder of the "three gaps" continues to open up the channel for upward growth and all-round development, so that a better life can be seen everywhere, accessible to everyone, and can be felt at all times, and continues to polish the golden business card of "China's happiest city".

Around the old and the young, convenient spaces can be seen everywhere in Hangzhou

Around the old and the young, convenient spaces can be seen everywhere in Hangzhou

Take the lead in demonstrating and making the "cake" bigger, and fully mobilize the "common wealth genes" of the digital economy, private economy, and rural tourism.

As the first city of digital economy, Hangzhou provides people with dreams with stronger "dream-making ability" and becomes a dream city in the hearts of young people. In the booming new economy, Hangzhou's average salary ranks fourth in the country, per capita savings ranks third in the country, and per capita consumption expenditure ranks first in the country. According to the data of relevant institutions, the number of high-income families in Hangzhou is second only to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, ranking fifth in the country.

In rural areas, many private enterprises and village collectives have jointly built strong village companies, created a new type of market entity shared by village enterprises, strengthened the village collective economy, and driven villagers to increase their income and become rich. For example, in Xiaoshan District, there are new trends surging in the vast countryside: Transfar has launched the construction of a demonstration site for common prosperity in Puyang Town, Wanxiang has launched an ecosystem and biodiversity restoration project in Yiqiao Town, and Hengyi has promoted a rural industrial park in Yaqian TownResource elements such as development concepts, modern industries, and social forces have been introduced into the countryside to promote the transformation of the collective economy from a "guaranteed type" to a "development type". In 2022, the income ratio of urban and rural residents in Hangzhou will be 1.71, a decrease of 0.04 from the previous year, and it has been shrinking for 10 consecutive years since 2013.

To solidly promote the common prosperity of all people, we must not only adhere to high-quality development and make the "cake" bigger as much as possible, but also pay attention to social fairness and justice, and divide the "cake" as much as possible.

Public service is the area where the people feel the most direct and urgent need for common prosperity. In recent years, Hangzhou has focused on the diversified needs of the whole life cycle of people, and has made breakthroughs in solving the problems of the people's urgency, hardship and longing, so that the young can have good education, excellent education, good medical treatment, elderly care, livable housing, good labor, and public support.

Hangzhou is becoming a dream city with yearning, brilliant life and emotional belonging

Hangzhou is becoming a dream city with yearning, brilliant life and emotional belonging (Visual China).

A new livelihood supply system is taking shape

To improve and optimize the most inclusive people's livelihood with public services, Hangzhou is taking the lead in building four "one-hour traffic circles" in urban circles, provinces, cities and urban areas, ensuring that each "star city" is covered by famous schools, establishing a 15-minute home care service circle, and making up for shortcomings, promoting balance, and bottom line in promoting the sharing of high-quality public services。

Guided by the expansion of the middle and the promotion of the low, Hangzhou is deeply implementing the "double increase" plan for residents' income and middle-income groups, continuing to increase investment in social assistance, social insurance, and social welfare, building a charity brand of "Good City Hangzhou", and building and improving the primary distribution, The basic institutional system for the coordination and coordination of redistribution and third distribution.

With the focus on "one old and one young" to promote the high-quality sharing of public services, Hangzhou is solidly promoting the integrated reform of an age-friendly society and an inclusive childcare service system, implementing supporting policies to encourage childbirth, and striving to achieve greater practical results in solving the problems of the people's urgency, hardship and longing.

To promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas with the requirement of coordination and balance, Hangzhou is taking unconventional measures to promote the leapfrog development of the western mountainous areas, deepening the practice of building beautiful villages in the new era of the "Ten Million Project", vigorously promoting the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism, primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and creating a beautiful "big garden" in the whole region.

Jiangnan recalls, the most memorable is Hangzhou. After thousands of spring and autumn seasons, Hangzhou has always carried the infinite praise of the world's image of Jiangnan and the infinite longing for heaven on earth. Entering the important window period of "hosting the Asian Games, building a metropolis, and promoting modernization", Hangzhou is dedicating a splendid and prosperous new paradise on earth to the world. Through the "window of Hangzhou", let the world be the first to see the bright future of Chinese-style modernization.


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